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If you follow my Instagram page or have read my previous natural hair posts, you know that I’ve been obsessed with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray for quite some time now.


It was first introduced to me through Curlbox and I haven’t let go since!

I’ve been looking for a styling cream for myself and my 9 month old son. Both of us have been experiencing frizz along with dry patches with our curls/coils. All the hair creams we’ve used in the past would work for a bit but then I would have to add a combination of other cremes in order to tame Luc’s hair. Trust me, it’s not easy to style a 9 month old with 4-5 different products while they are squirming around to try to get away from you–all the while your hands are super slippery from hair products. To add to it–by the end of the day, his dry/frizzy patches would return along with a frizzy afro.

I researched different products online and came across Marguerite’s Magic Restorative Cream from Carol’s Daughter.

I read the reviews which were very detailed and specific in mentioning what type of hair type each reviewer had. This helped immensely because you don’t want to purchase a product that may not be for your hair type. 3c hair consists of very tight curls while 4a hair is more coily than curly. Keep in mind that I’m not a fan of hair typing–I use it more as a point of reference when seeking out new products to use. I have combination 3c/4a hair. Luc seems to be on both sides of the spectrum also. All reviewers ranged from 3c to 4a hair along with some hybrid types as myself.

I decided to purchase Marguerite’s Magic. I used the cream on Luc’s hair first. The scent is captivating! Even my husband couldn’t stop smelling Luc’s The scent remains long after the day is over but it is not overbearing. Luc’s hair also became super soft and silky almost instantly!



My son’s curls were much more defined and there were no more dry brittle patches. The test would be to see how his curls held up by the end of the day–almost 9 hours later. Marguerite’s Magic literally is magic in a jar because not only did Luc’s curls hold up for the day, the dry patches of hair haven’t returned.

I tried the cream the next day and had awesome results as well! I only have to seal with my usual Sweet Almond Oil/Castor Oil combo and we’re both good to go!

Some of Marguerite’s Magic Restorative Cream Ingredients include:

  • Soybean Oil – Richest plant source of protein & promotes hair growth and add strength and shine to your hair.
  • Shea Butter – Extraordinary moisturizing properties. natural sealant and heat protectant for hair. Soothes irritated scalp.
  • Sweet Almond Oil- rich in vitamins A, B1, B6 and E which all aide in promoting hair growth. Natural sealant and heat protectant.
  • Cocoa Butter- natural mositruizer without clogging pores of scalp. Increases hair elasticity and thickness
  • Wheat Germ Oil – creates protective barrier around the hair shaft which holds in moisture and protein. Natural heat and harmful UV ray protectant (our hair needs sun protection also!, in the beginning of my natural hair journey, I fell in love with Carol’s Daughter’s Tui Conditioning Set. What I love most about the products of this set is that they are water based. Water based products are best for myself and my son’s hair because they penetrate the hair shaft rather than coating the hair shaft like oil based products. I only use oil based products to seal our curls/coils. The scent got me first, it was AMAZING! Then the conditioning and volume results I got were amazing! It was also very lightweight which I loved! It’s so hard to find a conditioning product that doesn’t weigh my hair down. The conditioner is also great as a leave-in!20140618-110823-40103438.jpg
    Now keep in mind, I started using this collection before I colored my hair. I recently discovered the Tui collection for color treated hair. So when I saw Carol’s Daughter carried a Hydrating Mask in the collection I was eager to try!20140618-111957-40797192.jpg

    The key ingredients in this hydrating mask are:

    Olive Oil
    Cocoa Butter
    Shea Butter
    Sweet Almond Oil
    Buriti Oil
    Pro-vitamin B5
    Vitamin E
    Aloe Leaf

    All of these ingredients are known for their moisturizing, strengthening and scalp soothing capabilities which also promote excellent healthy hair. If you have color treated hair you may want to give both products or the Tui line for color treated hair a try as well! Although adding color can liven up our hairstyles it can also give us dry scalp and/or dry brittle hair since color makes the hair shaft more vulnerable.

    Con’s for Marguerite’s Magic
    I don’t recommend applying Marguerite’s Magic Restorative Cream to dry hair unless your hair is porous or really good at absorbing products. When I applied the cream to dry hair it went on very filmy/paste-like. Once I added water it started to penetrate the hair better. However, when our hair was wet beforehand the cream faired out much better with absorption and moisturizing.

    Con’s for Tui Hydrating Mask

    I wish it came in a bigger size. I had to use a “generous” (which translates to more than a dollop amount to obtain the results I wanted. I’ll probably have to re-up within 1 month since I deep condition weekly. Whether you’re relaxed, color-treated or natural, you should be deep conditioning weekly or every time you cleanse your hair. So for someone who cleanses weekly, the product size would be something to consider. The good thing is Carol’s Daughter has been having numerous sales via their website so you might be able to score a deal or two–or three! I was able to catch a sale where you could become a member for free (usually $10.00 annually) and obtain their items at a discounted price–kind of like BJ’s or Costco w/o the “you can’t shop here without a card” exclusion. Marguerite’s Magic Restorative Hair Cream is usually $12.00–member price was $10.80. Tui Hydrating Mask is usually $20.00–member price was $18.00 you also get access to sales for members only and notice of sales before non-members. Catch a 20% off sale and free shipping (on purchases of $25.00 or more) and you’re good to go!

    So there is my rundown of both Carol’s Daughter Marguerite Magic Restorative Cream & their Tui Hydrating Hair Mask for color treated hair. Let me know if you end up trying either product or if you have similar experiences!


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