Product Review: Curls’ Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner, Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir and Curl Souffle for Natural & Relaxed Hair

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I received some awesome goodies from Curls just before Christmas. I received Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner and Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir.


Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir


Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner.

I decided to use these products in conjunction with Curl Souffle & other Curls products in an  effort to winterize my hair.


Curls’ Curl Souffle. Purchased from my local beauty supply store, I decided to add this medium hold curl cream into my regimen.

Feel free to check out my YouYube video titled “Winterizing Natural Hair” below for more details on how I used these products to winterize my hair.

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Product Background Info

Previously reviewed products: Curls’ Creamy Curl Cleanser, Goddess Curls Botanical Gel, Blueberry Bliss Control Paste,  Lavish Curl Moisturizer (2nd day refresher) underCurls Product Review/Updated Wash & Go Tutorial”.

Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner– heat activated conditioning treatment formulated with certified organic extracts and exotic emollients with vitamin-packed botanicals to moisturize, condition, strengthen and protect your over processed curls. Certified Organic Ingredients include: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sunflower Seed Oil, Ho Shu Wu Extract (hair growth stimulant), Green Tea Extract, Chamomile Extract, Calendula Extract, Mango Butter, Shea Butter. This combination of ingredients will assist in naturally stimulating hair growth by soothing dry/irritated scalp, enhancing & retaining moisture while improving hair elasticity.

Curl Souffle – Medium hold whipped-textured cream that defines and moisturizes curls. Certified Organic ingredients include: Aloe Vera leaf juice, Sweet Almond oil, Shea butter and Jojoba oil. I found this souffle in my closet of hair products…yes, my closet dedicated to hair products…lol.

Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir- Encourages growth by increasing strength, sheen and elasticity. Increase in elasticity means decrease in breakage. This elixir also promotes healthy keratin formation. Keratin is essential for hair growth because it is responsible for the hair’s strength, resistance to wear and tear, elasticity, flexibility and shine. Hair keratin is damaged daily by straighteners, color processing, perms, and blow-drying. Environmental factors such as, the sun, pollution, pool chemicals and even everyday brushing and combing can also play a heavy roll in keratin damage. Lastly, this elixir also contains a high concentration of vitamins B1, B2, B6, and amino acids that help regenerate and stimulate the scalp. As a result, the scalp will now have the ability to combat the effects of free radicals which promote healthy hair growth.

Tip Alert!- Using Butters such as Shea and Mango butter will help to achieve and retain moisture due to their abilities to soothe dry/irritated scalp, aid as a natural heat protectant and sealant especially during winter months when use of heat and hated hair appliances is at an all time high. Butters also have a higher capability to soften dry, brittle, fragile curly hair. Using products such as Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea which contain these ingredients will maximize moisture root to tip.

My thoughts?


Curls starting to form after styling with Curl Souffle, Goddess Curls and Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir.

ProsThe Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner infused my hair with some much-needed moisture while the Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir provided noticeable sheen. I was worried that the elixir would weigh my hair down. I can confidently say that it is extremely lightweight and as an added bonus smells divine! I will definitely be keeping most of these products in this combination & this regimen in heavy rotation during these cold NY winter months. I will probably alternate between Apple Cider Vinegar and Calcium Bentonite Clay as a detox/conditioning cleanse. I had a soft and natural yet noticeable hold without the “crunch” and stiffness with Curl Souffle. The volume and definition of my curls was not compromised. The Champagne and Caviar Elixir is priced at an affordable $9.00. A little bit goes a long way with this product so expect to have it for a while. All of these products are safe to use on transitioning/relaxed/telaxed hair.

Cons – As stated in my previous review of Curls, I have the hardest time finding Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner in stores. I haven’t been able to locate the Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir in stores either. Your best bet is to order from the Curls website directly at or other licensed vendors such as CurlMart ( and your local Target, Walmart and Sally’s stores. Again, this line sells out pretty quick so keep that in mind (especially at Walmart) !

I have 2 cons about the Curl Souffle. First, is that it has glycerin as an ingredient. Now, glycerin can be very tricky in my opinion for 2 reasons: summer months when there is high humidity it can cause frizz because it absorbs too much moisture from the air. Winter months, when it is very cold out, it can dry out your hair because there isn’t enough moisture in the air. However, my hair does respond well to some glycerin laden products..I just never know when it will work and when it won’t. The struggle is real ladies!

My hair did feel a tad bit dry second day due to the INTENSE heat in my apartment. Lavish Curl Moisturizer (2nd day refresher) helped replenish lost moisture back into my hair 2nd day. I was left with voluminous weightless coils/curls 2nd day (see YouTube video for results).

My second con is that the price of Curl Souffle is a bit high at $16.00. I purchased it on sale from my local beauty supply store for $14.95 but that is still a bit too high for me. The good thing I can say is that it comes in a pretty decent sized amount but I still would rather pay a max of $9.99 for the 8oz amount…lol.

Don’t forget to check out my tutorial on “Winterizing Natural Hair” to see how I used this line of products to winterize my curls!

I hope this review was helpful to you! As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me or post below. Thanks!  🙂


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I have not been reimbursed, sponsored nor am I affiliated with the Curls Brand. Products were provided as a courtesy of Curls.



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