RocksBox Jewlery Subscription Box

RocksBox Jewlery Subscription Box

Hey guys! I am super excited about my opportunity to work with Rocksbox!

Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription box that allows you to do the following:

1) For $19 a month, you can borrow $200 worth of jewelry! Send your box back to keep swapping for more fun pieces!

2) If you fall in love with any of the pieces, you can purchase it at a discounted rate !

There are literally pieces for every type of girl! Whether your jewelry taste is bold or simple and laid back you’ll be sure to find something right up your alley. Each box is tailored to your style and need!

What I love most about this company and subscription box is how involved and sensitive  they are to each member’s needs. For example, I have a nickel allergy so they were able to send me pieces that I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction to.

           Be sure to head on over to @Rocksbox on Instagram or for more details! If you’d like to try for FREE use my referral code ✨cebelamourxoxo✨to get your 1st month free!
I’m swapping out my box today for new pieces so I’ll keep you guys posted ❤️

Happy shopping ladies!


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