3 Important Benefits of Yoga

3 Important Benefits of Yoga

By now I’m sure you’ve heard and read a million benefits of yoga. I’ve recently recommitted myself to practicing this stress relieving regimen and wanted to share some basic yet important benefits that everyone from the occasional yogi to downward dog experts can reap alike.

1) Yoga can improve your flexibility. You won’t be able to notice extreme flexibility during your 1st yoga class but if you stick with it you’ll be touching your toes and doing the most complicated poses in no time. If you suffer from arthritic joint pain like myself, you’ll notice those aches and pains start to decrease as well. Inflexibility causes poor posture which leads to both back and neck pain. Good posture puts less stress on the vertebrae and discs of the spine. Spinal discs are tiny shock absorbers between the vertebrae that can herniate and compress nerves. These discs crave movement, hence excercises/yoga in order to stay in optimal condition. I have 5 herniated discs and previously fractured 2 of those 5 discs so trust me when I say that yoga has helped me a great deal with pain management. If you can relate then you already know how inconvenient, debilitating and painful joint pain, especially neck and back pain can be. Try incoporating yoga into your daily routine to minimize the effects of your joint pain and lead a better quality of life.

2) Yoga can makes you happier. I can say without a doubt that yoga has helped to minimize my stress levels and increase my general happiness daily. It has also helped to minimize my Lupus flare-ups. Illness but especially autoimmune conditions feed off of stress. Stress is the body’s natural response to physical, psychological or emotional situations. Think “flight or fight” response. Yoga helps you to turn inward and become more in tune with your mind and body. You’re able to tune out stress that may be looming over you mentally, emotionally and physically. You also become better equipped at managing what exactly causes you stress and removing it from your space as well. You then start to breathe better which helps you to become more conscious of where you are holding tension in your body. Do you rest your tounge at the roof of your mouth when your mouth is closed? How about scrunching your face at the computer screen while surfing the net or typing? Take note next time because these unconscious habits can lead to muscle fatigue, soreness in the hands, wrists, neck and even your jaw.

3) Improves focus and sleeping quality. I’ve noticed that when I practice yoga for as little as 3 to 5 days straight that I’m able to fall asleep easier but also stay asleep longer without interruption. I also don’t feel as groggy and fatigued because I had a great night’s sleep. This causes my concentration to improve and I feel much more productive throughout my day. Who wouldn’t love that?

Since I don’t have time to get to a gym class or yoga center, I downloaded an app that allows me to practice yoga at home. I use the Yoga Studio app. I love this app because it allows me to tailor classes to my ability and level. It also has specific classes for back pain and runners. The classes are held in 10 minute to 60 minute intervals making it super convenient. I love doing the 10 minute quick fix on the days that I wake up late!..lol. The Yoga Studio app is $3.99 well spent. This is not a sponsored post. I truly just love this app.



I hope this helps you on your healthy living and wellness journey! Keep in mind that you can also incorporate yoga into your workout routine as a cool down. Here is a snippet of my yoga session from this past weekend. Feel free to share your favorite poses and progress! I’m a beginner so my goal is to improve my poses over the next couple of months.

Pose: Boat


Pose: Chair Prayer Twist Left (still working on my neck position)


Pose: Chair


Pose: Downward Dog


My little guy decided to join in on the fun. ❤️

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