How To Eat Healthy Without Going Broke

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Eating healthy shouldn’t cost a fortune but the reality is that it does. I’ve been vegan for almost 2 years. I can confidently say that I am spending much more on groceries now than I was 3 years ago. Let’s be honest for a minute. How many times do you go to the grocery store and buy a cart full of vegetables and other healthy foods? Now, how many times do you end up throwing out at least half of your veggies, fruits and other perishable items that you purchased? I can admit that this is the case for me at least 65% percent of the time. I had all the intention of making meals with these items and devouring them. Unfortunately, my schedule and my food’s schedule weren’t on the same page.

The good news is that there are ways to get around spending an arm and a leg at the grocery store or specialty stores like Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s while still being able to enjoy healthy nutritious foods.

Here are some of my favorite tips from the below article:

  1. Arrive late to the farmer’s market:
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    Be tardy to the party at the farmer’s market for deep discounts.

    Showing up early to be first in line at the farmer’s market will guarantee you a spot in the “I spent way more than I was supposed to” club. Arriving an hour or two before closing will allow you to purchase fresh produce at a cheaper rate than the early birds. You can end up saving at least 50% off your purchases just by being late!

  2. Use frozen fruits & veggies:
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    Frozen veggies & fruits don’t have an expiration date.

    I used to buy fresh fruits and vegetables often until I read this piece. I would buy more than I needed and end up throwing away more than 50% because I didn’t use them before they spoiled. Ironically this would happen by the next scheduled grocery run. It was just a vicious never-ending cycle.Most frozen fruits and vegetables are frozen at peak freshness. They are also cheaper than the unfrozen bunch. They also don’t have an expiration date so you don’t have to rush to use them!

  3. Don’t buy anything you don’t have a plan for:
    farmers market, budget, healthy, health, food, affordable food, vegan, natural, holistic, grocery cart.
    Stick to buying items in your meal and snack plan to avoid wasteful spending,

    You go on Pintrest, see a recipe and decide to pin it. You say to yourself, “this is easy, I can make this!” You then proceed to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients. You get home and order Chinese food. As the week progresses you slowly but surely start to forget about the 8-10 items you bought a couple of days ago for this masterpiece meal. Eventually, you do remember you have these items in your fridge. Unfortunately its 7 -10 days later when you’re heading back to the grocery store. Sound familiar? I can’t begin to tell you how many times this happened to me. Don’t buy it if you’re not making it within 2 days and you have a concrete plan! Save yourself the money and the room in your fridge.

Here’s some more insight as to how dietitians eat healthy without breaking the bank via Buzzfeed. I guarantee you can do at least 5 things out of this list. I’ve already given you 3!

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    1. Thanks for reading! I don’t eat any dairy or meat. I have a strictly plant based diet. Many vegetables and grains are jam packed with essential vitamins, protein and fiber to keep my diet balanced. Foods such as spinach, kale, lentils, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, butternut squash, avocado, plantains and even brown rice & quinoa pack all the protein our bodies need. It’s just a matter of knowing which foods pack what and having a balance between them in your diet. I hope this helps!

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