5 Tips For Healthy Length Retention

5 Tips For Healthy Length Retention

Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, many of us seek long and healthy hair. The quest for not only obtaining but maintaining long hair can seem daunting to most but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 5 easy tips for length retention for any hair type.

Listen to your hair

Sounds crazy huh? Seriously ladies, your hair really does speak to you. It will tell you when it needs moisture from when it’s lacking protein. Your hair will tell you when it needs a trim from when it just needs a break from styling.

healthy hair length retention

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Some weeks your hair may need a moisturizing conditioner vs. a protein treatment. Pay attention to the signs your hair is giving you this way you can effectively communicate back and meet your mane’s needs. *For more tips on how to use protein treatments click here.

Trim your hair

healthy hair length retention

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Now, I don’t believe in a set schedule for trimming. I know most salons tell us to trim every 6-8 weeks. The truth is everyone’s hair is different. One head of hair may require trims every 6 weeks while another head of hair may require a trim once a year. I’ve done both and trust me, no time frame is full proof. Just follow what works for your hair.

Feed your scalp

healthy hair length retention

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Think of your scalp as the soil to a plant. If the soil doesn’t have the proper nutrients the plant won’t grow. Drinking plenty of water is the easiest and most important thing you can supply your scalp and in turn your hair. Foods that are nutrient rich in omega 3’s, fatty acids, protein are an absolute necessity for both long and healthy hair. Vitamins and minerals such as iron, beta carotene, folate, vitamin A and C also provide the building blocks for both a healthy hair and scalp. Try to sneak a massage in for your scalp as well to stimulate growth!

Don’t touch your hair

healthy hair length retentionDo you suffer from hand in hair syndrome? This may seem a little extreme so let me clarify. Our hair should be detangled, combed, washed, styled etc. However, over manipulating your hair can cause preventable and unnecessary breakage. Try low manipulation styles such as buns, twist-outs, braid-outs to allow both your scalp and hair to have the breather they deserve. These styles are also a great way to eliminate the stress of daily styling on both your hair and hands. It’s also pretty convenient to wake up the next day, fluff my hair out or slick back into a bun and walk out the door.

Finger Detangle vs. Combing

12357297_185083181845036_1804391555_nMy ultimate favorite tip is to finger detangle before combing. This is a life saver for my fine hair gals but you should also consider this tip if you have hair that is prone to breakage regardless of texture. Finger detangling significantly minimizes breakage while cleansing and conditioning. I usually finger detangle with conditioner saturating soaking wet hair. Try to use conditioners or detanglers that allow for major “slip” to make the detangling process a cinch vs. an all out war in the shower. If you still need to use a comb, only do so after you’ve thoroughly finger detangled. Just keep in mind, patience is a virtue while detangling!

Lastly, keep in mind a big part of hair length is genetics. Don’t get too caught up in having long hair that you neglect maintaining a healthy regimen. Strength over length is always a better choice ladies!

Healthy Hair To Toe <3


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