4 Vitamins in Plant Based Foods That Promote Healthy Hair Growth

4 Vitamins in Plant Based Foods That Promote Healthy Hair Growth

As a vegan, the first thing I’m usually asked is “where do you get your protein & vitamins from?”. The next thing I’m asked is “how do you keep your hair healthy with your diet?”. Most people would be surprised to know exactly how many plant-based foods provide more than the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals. Many of these foods contain the necessary vitamins needed to keep you and your hair thriving and healthy. So before you head to the beauty supply store for expensive vitamins that promise to do the same, try looking in your kitchen and refrigerator. Here are 4 essential vitamins for optimal hair growth that you can find in plant-based foods.

Biotin (B-Complex)

Biotin is one of the most researched and known of all hair vitamins. Biotin is essential in promoting healthy hair by increasing the hair’s elasticity. Elasticity is an important sign of healthy hair because it refers to how far strands can stretch and bounce back to its original shape without breaking.

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Foods like egg yolk. nuts, almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, nut butters, soybeans and other legumes, whole grains and cereals, cauliflower, bananas and mushrooms are considered great sources of biotin.

You can get your biotin boost from plant-based foods like lentils, bulger, green peas, brown rice, oats as well as the foods pictured above.


Niacin (B3)

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, helps to nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Signs of niacin deficiency include dry, brittle, lackluster hair. You may even notice hair loss.

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Foods like sweet potato, asparagus, carrots, spinach and avocado are significant sources of vitamin b3 which promotes optimal hair health and growth.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, try boosting your niacin intake with plant-based foods like peanuts, mushrooms, broccoli, dates, green peas, sunflower seeds, and avocado.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to the development of collagen. Collagen is important in promoting hair growth and maintaining the strength of hair.

Mango, kiwi, apples, and citrus fruits are all key sources of vitamin c.

Mango, kiwi, apples, and citrus fruits are all key sources of vitamin c.

Vitamin C also assists in the absorption of iron, which is essential in keeping strands strong and healthy. Foods like cantaloupe, kiwi, mango, broccoli, green and red peppers, and tomatoes all serve as significant sources of Vitamin C.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a significant factor in creating a healthy base for a thriving scalp. Just like soil to a plant, a healthy scalp is the foundation for beautiful healthy hair. shutterstock_381113728-e1460664523903Signs of a healthy scalp include soft, nourished hair with minimal frizz and few split ends. Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin E are spinach, almonds, avocado, sunflower seeds and tomatoes.

There are an infinite number of vitamins essential for healthy thriving hair. The two most important things you can do to obtain healthy hair is to start from within. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining a nourishing healthy diet year round will allow for your scalp and strands to flourish on a consistent basis. How do you feed your hair?

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