Non-Toxic Perfume Review: Thorn & Bloom

Non-Toxic Perfume Review: Thorn & Bloom

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During my second pregnancy, I was even more conscious of the beauty and hygiene products I was using. I even gave up using perfume! At last year’s W.E.L.L Summit in NYC, I stumbled upon botanical perfume brand Thorn & Bloom. After about 6 months of thinking, I finally decided to purchase a sample set from them online and give it a try. Here are my thoughts!

What I Purchased

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I’ve been using Thorn & Bloom Since June 2017.

My Thorn & Bloom Discovery Set included 5 samples and I was able to pick the scents beforehand. I loved that concept rather than relying on someone else to curate a set for me! The scents I chose were: Limestone, Citrine, Bird of Paradise, Wild Rose and Orange Blossom. The first thing that drew me in visually was the packaging. Do you see that? Gorgeous right?!

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Thorn & Bloom were WELL sponsors of NYC’s W.E.L.L Summit 16. Photo credit:

I ultimately decided to purchase a sample set from Thorn & Bloom because the ingredients were clean and non-toxic. Since I am nursing my son, the thought of toxic chemicals leaking into my bloodstream or milk made me cringe.

Here is an ingredient list from Thorn & Bloom’s website. This list details what you will find in all of their perfumes and how they go about harvesting their scents:

“100% botanical aromatics,  Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2 Extracts and Tinctures in a base of triple-filtered USDA Organic Grape Alcohol. Our perfumes are 100% natural and over 90% organic. All aromatics are ethically harvested through sustainable agriculture. We support traditional production methods and source from many small artisan distillers.” 

The Reason I Made The Switch

Many popular brands, regardless of price, are loaded with toxic ingredients that can be detrimental to your health. The following is a list of toxic perfume chemical ingredients in many popular brands: acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, camphor, ethanol, ethyl acetate, limonene, linalool and methylene chloride. Many of these toxic ingredients are considered neurotoxins and hormone disruptors. The only limitation on fragrance manufacturers is that they cannot use banned substances. Ironically, many of these substances have yet to be tested for safety. You can read up on the long list of negative effects these ingredients can have after prolonged exposure here.

My Thoughts

Which Thorn & Bloom scents did I love? Were there any that I didn’t care for so much?

  • My absolute favorite scent is Limestone! It has a lightweight citrus scent yet is strong enough to last an 8 hour day. I was super bummed that my husband dropped the bottle on our bathroom floor and it shattered instantly. While my bathroom smelled amazing by heart definitely hurt a
  • Citrine was my second favorite scent. It’s fairly close to Limestone with the exception of having a bit of a woodsy citrus scent. Both are very uplifting and energizing!
  • The last scent I loved is Bird of Paradise. This scent has a stronger presence than Limestone & Citrine. It also has a spicy yet woodsy, citrus aroma.

The two Thorn & Bloom scents I was not a big fan of were Orange Blossom and Wild Rose.

  • Orange Blossom was way to musky for me.
  • Wild Rose was too floral and musky for me.

I realized after trying these perfumes out that I lean more towards citrus scents.

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Swapping out your traditional perfume for something cleaner and safer is the one of the best things you can do for your health! We may not be able to eliminate 100% of toxins everywhere just yet but we can educate ourselves to be ingredient conscious consumers and take our health back.

I’m grateful for the W.E.L.L Summit exposing me to a wide array of clean eco-beauty brands, especially Thorn & Bloom. I’ll be attending W.E.L.L Summit 17 next month in NYC! I’m looking forward to learning about more non-toxic eco-beauty brands to share with you guys! Have you tried Thorn & Bloom botanical scents? Are you attending the W.E.L.L Summit this year?

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